Below is a web hosting provider that is hosting its clients using “shared” licences. A shared licence is not a legitimate licence, many of these licence systems used for cracking the software contain backdoors putting both your website and personal data at serious risk.

We are taking the time to hunt down providers who operate in this way to help protect people and their data, always ask to verify their software via the official companies IP verification systems.

Domain –

WhatsApp – 917878424869

Owner Details

Name – Piyush Maheswari

Social Media & Business Pages

Business Page –
Instagram –
Twitter –
Linkedin –
Fiverr –
Owners Facebook Profile –
Owners Medium Page –
TrustPilot –
HostAdvice –
Telegram –
Friendsme –

WHMCS Failed Verification

cPanel Servers Nulled / Cracked Licences

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After Sharing this, a “friend” of his contacted me on Facebook to try and intimate me into taking this post offline, well this will not be removed but seems this friend also has a company doing the same, will release this companies details very soon.

This has been reported to the relevant companies